MISFIT'S Jerry Only with Charger Steve

Steve hanging with Hoff

Steve taking KITT for a spin

Dee Snyder with Charger Steve's brother

Charger Steve with one cool guy, A J Pero, drummer for Twisted Sister

Front man Steve Plunkett of Autograph, strummin a tune with Charger Steve

The Bat Cycle was actual cycle from the TV series

Charger Steve cruisin the Batmobile, not a charger but it will do! (Owned by Steve's friend Nate Truman)

Dazza Del Rio with Charger Steve

Charger Steve on location during shooting for "Campus Man" with Morgan Fairchild (1987)

Charger Steve, his daughter and the doctor from Star Trek Voyager, Robert Picardo

Actual car used in the movie "Grease Lightning", recently sold at auction for $85,000

Beverly Hillbillies

Actual car used in the recent movie "Starsky and Hutch"

"Drag U La"

The "Munsters" ride

Charger steve with his pals R2D2 and C3PO

"Lost in Space" robot

"Elvira" princess of darkness

Steve and Mercedes in front of the car from "Fast  and the Furious"

Charge Steve with the actual souped-up taxi from the movie "Taxi" with Queen Latifa

Steve's friend Bill, joy-riding cars off the set again!!

Charger Steve sitting inside one of the actual vehicles from the "Flintstones" movie

Here's a picture of the promotional vehicle that Universal Studios used for their display