Steve with a screen used Bumble Bee

Steve with LaToya Jackson

Steve with model/actress Nikki Ziering

Charger Steve with founding member of Guns-n- Roses - Traci Guns

The green hornet & 
Steve’s “guns”

This "buck" was used in Norbit but also the new Star Trek movie!

Charger Steve with motion picture & TV star, Christopher Lloyd who has starred in "Back to the Future" (parts 1,2,&3), Stacked, and the populat TV series Taxi

Actual Ecto 1 used in Ghostbusters II

Charger Steve with Dennis Anderson driver of the "Grave Digger" monster truck

Charger Steve with guitar legend and original Yardbird Jeff Beck

One a young Bobba Fett, now grown, holding Steve's young one Spencer 

Here's Charger Steve with "Go Go" Jane Wiedlin

Jonathan Frakes was the commander in The Next Generation

"Steve is a big Star Wars fan"

Katey Segal (Married with Children) with Charger Steve and his kids

Charger Steve and daughter Mercedes with Tomater and Lightning McQueen from the animated movie "Cars"

Charger Steve with Adam Corolla

Charger Steve at Universal Studios with Bob Gayle, screen writer for the movie "Back to the Future"

Dennis Gage host of "My Classic Car" hangin' with Charger Steve and Mercedes

George Barris finally got his photo-op with Charger Steve!

Steve loves hanging out with all the movie cars

Charger from the newest of the Fast and Furious flicks

Steve's daughter Mercedes with Lindsey Wagner (The Bionic Woman)

Remember these racers from Charlie's Angels